From the classy, Michelin starred fine dining establishments at the top of the foodservice chain, down to the good old mom and pop diner around the corner, the dishwasher faithfully serves customer after customer, table after table, day in and day out. If the food is considered the lifeblood of the restaurant, the dishwasher serves as its heart, helping to keep plates circulating through the kitchen, out to the dining area, and back into the kitchen to complete the cycle.

However, a lot of restaurants and other food establishments still have staff stationed at the sinks and washing plates, bowls, cups, and eating utensils by hand. Although there are a few reasons why a restaurant owner would prefer such an arrangement, we believe that there are many more important reasons why you should invest in a commercial dishwasher instead. Here are a few.

1. Commercial Dishwashers Are Effective.

Dishwashers need to be able to take in dirty pots, pans, plates, and utensils at one end and have them come out of the other end squeaky clean. Of course, we don’t mean to say hand-washing your dishes is not good enough – in fact, most people wash their dishes at home and have rarely, if ever, had any issues – but in light of other factors that we will get to later, having a machine wash your dishes is a lot less of a hassle. For one, commercial dishwashers are typically designed to handle large loads of dishes and can wash dozens of dishes per cycle. The fast turnover rate of commercial dishwashers – often in the hundreds of dishes per hour – helps to make sure you never run out of spoons, forks, knives, plates, and glasses during the rush of lunch and dinner hour. On top of that, modern commercial dishwashers often come with features such as automatic sanitisation, which makes use of either high water temperatures or specialised chemicals to wipe dishes clean of harmful, invisible-to-the-eye bacteria that would otherwise be overlooked by dishwashing crew during a shift.

2. Commercial Dishwashers are Efficient.

Unless you take the time to ration out all of the water and soap you need for a set of dishes, you will most likely use a varying amount of water and soap for every plate that you wash. Of course, that is perfectly fine for most cases, but for washing large volumes of dishes throughout every workday it is possible that your dishwashing crew will end up wasting quite a bit of water and soap to do essentially the same job. If you want machine-like efficiency, there is nothing out there that can do it quite like a machine can, and it is their efficiency that allows them to wash large numbers of dishes using only the exact amount of water and soap needed to get your dishes as clean as possible.

3. Commercial Dishwashers are Consistent.

The efficiency of commercial dishwashers, of course, can only be achieved thanks to their specific design goal of working as consistently and reliably as possible. Commercial dishwashing machines are programmed to wash a specific load of dishes with a specific amount of soap and water at a specific temperature and pressure for a specific amount of time to give you a specific standard of results every single time. This is very important for any commercial food establishment, as all of your eating and cooking utensils and dishes need to be washed clean to comply with local food safety regulations.

Does Your Restaurant Need A Commercial Dishwasher?

So far, we have talked at length about all of the benefits of a commercial dishwasher and why you should get one for your food establishment. But should you?

The decision to purchase a commercial dishwasher for your diner or restaurant is not an easy one; after all, commercial-grade dishwashers are quite an expensive upfront and will also add quite a bit to your water and gas or electricity bills (depending on the primary heating source of the dishwasher). Because of the costs that come with a commercial dishwasher, it can be pretty difficult for restaurant owners to decide on whether or not the investment will make a significant return in terms of convenience and performance in a reasonable amount of time.

To help you decide on whether or not you will need a commercial dishwasher, we suggest that you try to take a step back and think about how your food establishment is running. Commercial dishwashers are typically designed with volume in mind and will be able to clean hundreds of dishes every hour, which makes them a must for establishments that get a lot of customers every day. On the other hand, you might not find a use for a dishwasher that washes dozens of dishes every cycle if you don’t get dozens of customers coming in every hour; a dishwashing crew should have no trouble keeping up with the flow of dishes through your restaurant.
If you still aren’t quite sure on whether or not to take the plunge, ask a warewashing solutions retailer to help guide you towards what works best for your restaurant.

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