Are you looking the smart design of the humidifier in the open market? If yes, then buy this URPOWER 5L Large Capacity Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier. It is mini in size and also it is easy for the portability. One of the main advantages you will gain from this humidifier is water tank capacity. Yes, it can consume more than 5L of water.

Moreover, you can install this humidifier in your bedrooms, baby rooms, and office wherever you want the humidity. Even, it can able to send out the dry air throughout your room easily within a short amount of time.

Features of the URPOWER Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier:

Definitely, the awesome features of this humidifier make you really happy. Some of the special benefits of this humidifier are as following under,

  1. Smart design:

As I said before, this humidifier comes with the smart design. The upper part of the humidifier comes with the color of matte black and the lower portion is silver in color. So, it will perfectly suitable for all types of rooms.

The 5L capacity of the tank provides the non-stop performance. Moreover, it has the ability to spread the cool water vapor throughout your room quickly so your baby can enjoy the night sleep without any disturbances.

  1. Easy to handle:

In this humidifier, you will get the 2 separate modes. With the help of these 2 modes, you can control the moist air from the humidifier. However, this device can able to automatically shut-off the system if the water capacity in the tank running out to end.

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  • The operation is very simple because it offers only single power button.


  • Run time is low.

Can’t you able to tolerate the summer season, then buy this humidifier and enjoy the sweet moments.

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