Having some kind of roofing over your terrace brings many benefits: it protects your terrace and furniture from rain and snow but also makes it possible for you to enjoy your terrace even when the weather isn’t the best. We don’t always get as many sunny days as we want, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use your terrace. If the sun is too hot in the summer, you can use the roofing to give yourself some shadow and protection. There are many materials which are used for roofing like glass, wood or fabric. Which of them are the best?

Wooden pergola

This type of roofing is easy to build as it’s attached to the building and supported by wooden pillars on the opposite side. The pergola will have a nice old-fashioned look and give you and your terrace solid protection from weather conditions. To make it more romantic you can plant some vines that will grow over the roofing.


Retractable awnings are a perfect solution for those who want to have protection from the weather and enjoy the sun. During rain, you can still sit on your terrace without getting wet, and if you want to sunbathe, you can easily retract it. In shops, you can find many cheap awnings from different kind of materials and in a large range of colours. They will give your terrace a modern look and protect it perfectly.

Tempered glass

The glass is a great solution if you want really solid protection from bad weather. It will keep the rain and snow off and give you a bit of shade while still letting in the sun. You’ll be able to admire the starry sky through it and feel safe at the same time. It’s not a cheap option, but it’s very durable and will last many years. The downside is that it’s a bit tricky to clean, but you can hire someone to do it for you.

Reed roof

It’s a great option for those who want to let some light in while giving protection from the heat. It’s the best in warm climates as it won’t protect you well from the snow and rain unless you have a fiberglass cover on top of the reed. It will give your terrace a bit exotic and summery look so you can rest and feel like you’re on holidays.

Textile roof

It’s a very flexible option because it gives you many possibilities. It can give you good protection from the sun and keep the rain off. However, you can also easily take it off if you want to enjoy the weather to the fullest. Maintaining it is also simple: all you need to do is wash the fabric from time to time. The fabric is attached to poles and you can choose from a range of fabric colours.

Stretched fabric

This kind of roofing looks like a sail and gives the summery, holiday feeling. It can protect against the sun and rain if it’s waterproof. It’s also a perfect solution for windy areas. You can easily clean it by taking it off and washing it. Check the specifications and see if you can wash it in a washing machine.

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