Taking care of the landscaping for a luxury home isn’t always easy because there are so many options to choose from in regard to hedges, walkways, fencing, and other components that contribute to the overall look and feel of your yard and grounds. Many homeowners put off fencing or don’t consider the aspect of aesthetic appeal when choosing a type of fencing to go around their property. However, overlooking this fundamental step could have you regretting your choice later on when you notice your neighbors installing a much more attractive fencing style. To keep you from experiencing such envy in the near future, consider opting for one of the following four elegant fencing types that are ideal for luxury homes:

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  1. 1. Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fencing has a classic and classy look that fits perfectly on the grounds of most luxury estates. It has been one of the fencing industry’s best-selling products for many decades and continues to carry an iconic appeal despite all of the fancy new fencing options that have become available since the advent of this simple design. Of course, the rustically stylish look of wrought iron comes with its own pros and cons, so be sure to do your due diligence regarding fence maintenance requirements and precautions when going with this style. 

1. White Picket

Everyone knows that the white picket fence is the traditional option for families in both luxury and middle-class landscaping. Despite being a relatively cheap material, picket fencing possesses an undeniable appeal that has led to its widespread popularity, which has lasted for more than a century. Installing picket fencing is also a simple project that most families can DIY during a weekend. However, this is more of a decorative style of fencing, as it won’t serve to keep critters or intruders out. .

2. Log Splits

Log split fencing, also known as split-rail fencing, has a classically rustic appeal that fits perfectly on luxurious rural properties. Many ranchers use this kind of fencing to keep cattle contained where their property runs along a roadside, but it’s great purely from a decorative perspective as well. Building a split-rail fence is something that a decent handyman and a few helping hands can achieve and you could even source the lumber for free if there are spare trees on your land. 

3.Whitewood Lattice

Whitewood lattice is the perfect kind of fencing to surrounding a garden or yard area in an artistic manner. You can also use a lattice fence as a trellis – letting vines grow through the fence and lining your property with delicious grapes, berries, olives, and tomatoes. 

4.Shouldn’t Security and Privacy be Considerations?

With motion sensors, smart surveillance systems, and other kinds of home security technology being so easily obtainable nowadays, who needs a security fence or wall? After all, if you go down the rabbit hole of trying to find the most secure fence in the world, you’ll wind up surrounding your property in a 20-foot tall chained link fence topped with barbed wire and armed guards, which is obviously the opposite of luxury. 

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