We all wish to have a large green lawn. Summer is the only season when we need the huge support of greenery around. But in the summers it is very challenging to maintain the greenery of your lawn, because of the high heat of the sun makes it difficult to maintain a green place. Today we have air conditioners, but the type of relaxation and calmness we feel after watching greenery, we can not get it from air conditioners. There is no comparison of nature. If we decide to take care of our lawn a little bit every day, our lawn can be an example of beauty, greenery, and our love towards nature.

In winters also we need to pay a little attention as moisture may spoil the growth of roots. Every season has one positive and negative aspect. A small awareness may protect our lawn’s beauty in all seasons. Our lawn doesn’t demand much from us. As we take time for our other everyday activities, we can give it some time as well. In return, this lawn will give us wonderful pleasure and peace. Below are some very important and easy tips, you can use these tips to keep your lawn always green and healthy:

1. Watering tips: Some people have an impression in their mind that if it is hot summer than there should be more water in the lawn. It is true that in summer plants need more water to grow than in other seasons, but the excess water may corrupt the routes of plants and grasses. So this is extremely important for them to know some important points related to irrigation. Some useful facts related to proper irrigation are given below.

I. Quality of water: The quality of water you use to water your lawn should be good. Stinky, used or dirty water can harm the health of the grass in your lawn. So use good quality of water for a healthier lawn. Don’t use hot water to irrigate the lawn. In winter people become crazy. They feel as they find it difficult to take a bath with cool water, plants also do so. This is a myth, normal water is perfect for the health of plants. Use normal temperature water to water your lawn.

II. Type of sprinkler: Many thoughts come to people’s mind. But these thoughts create trouble when a person starts distributing his or her thought as advice. For example, for watering a lawn only big sprinklers are good. This is truly bad advice. The size of the sprinkler may vary as per the type of lawn and its size. In small lawns, you need to place only a small size sprinklers with low pressure. If the size of your lawn is big then you need to buy a big size sprinkler with high pressure. The placement of sprinkler in the right position also matters a lot. If your sprinkler in unable to reach into the required area, then there is no use of watering. Because of wrong placement, you are just waiting for the water, creating mud in your lawn, and spoiling the health of your lawn. So place the sprinkler in the right position and at the right height for improved results.

III. Time of watering: Never water at noon or night time. Water your lawn at morning hours. Water after the gap of one of two days, but water in rich quantity. Season-wise watering is also important. On rainy days you don’t need to water in the same quantity as you were using in summers. Less water is required for a lawn’s health in winters also.

IV. Drainage arrangement: Arrange a fine drainage system to drain the extra water.

2. Weed control: Weeds in your lawn are a very serious issue. They not only spoil the even presentation, but also take the nourishment the grass from the earth. So gentle do the weed control by simply plucking them out.

3. Cutting and trimming of the grass: Allow your law a good grass height. Long height of grass doesn’t look nice. Trim the extra height on time.

4. Feed with fertilizers: The way we eat food, drink water, take medicines to recover from disease, and eat nutritious things for our better health, the same way the grass and plants also need fertilization for good health. You can use tailgate spreader to spread fertilizers if the size of the lawn is small or there some sensitive plants. There are numerous types of spreaders available for this purpose. AG spreaders are well in demand these days, as these are so friendly and give fabulous results.

5. Provide oxygen: Can you survive without oxygen? No, and soil of your lawn also needs the oxygen to breathe. Perforate the soil at intervals of days to increase the aeration of your lawn. A good inhalant of oxygen means very good health of your lawn. This will also improve the water absorbing quality of your soil. So after that, the roots of the grass will not have to wait longer to get the water in depth.

Awareness is very important. We all love gardening, but few silly mistakes may spoil all our hard work. It is better to grab the information about the task which you are planning to start. Gathering information will save you from an embarrassing situation and will also save you from loss. Let the gardener inside you rock with above-mentioned tips. After you apply these tips and get great results, don’t forget to share these tips with others in case next time you visit anybody’s lawn. People will automatically ask you after visiting your lawn that what is secret behind the greenery of your lawn. The right advice at the right time may save others. When you experience something, then only you should advise others. First of all gain the valuable experience with these tips, then go to suggest other people and also ask them about the response of your suggestion after a few months. We all must give some contribution to make and keep our earth beautiful and green.

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