After much waiting and saving up, your bedroom or living room is now all decked out with a full carpet floor. Although it is quite the investment over, say, tiles, the soft, cushy benefits of a fuzzy fabric floor more than make up for that. As such, one would want to have their carpets last for many years to come; in this article we will be talking about ways for you to do just that.

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Don’t track dirt. Of all of the common flooring types available, carpets are the most susceptible to collecting dust, dirt, and debris. This is often made worse by people and pets walking over the carpet – any dirt on their feet or footwear can get caught in the fibres of the carpet and pushed further down to the base layer of the carpet from stepping or walking action above. If this is left ignored over time, the accumulated dust and dirt will grind against and damage the carpet fibres, shortening the life span of the carpet.

Don’t ignore stains and spots. No matter how much you try, your carpet floor will eventually get stains and spots, typically from food and drinks. These stains, if left ignored, will cling to the fibres in your carpet as they dry out, making them much harder to completely remove later. In addition, particles from food and drinks – especially the sugary kinds – attract ants like nobody’s business, as well as promote the growth and spread of bacteria and fungi such as molds and mildew that can flare up allergic reactions and cause diseases.

Don’t use harsh cleaning chemicals. Even though cleaning your carpet does help it last longer, not doing it correctly might actually have the opposite effect. Strong cleaning chemicals like bleach can remove dyes, tarnishing vividly coloured carpets, and can also damage carpet fibres. And unless you know how to neutralise it, any bleach used on carpets remain active, irritating the eyes, lungs, and skin.


Do keep your feet clean. Not getting dust and dirt on your carpets in the first place is often better than having to clean our your carpets every so often – especially if you aren’t the type who likes to clean on a regular basis. You can probably start with wiping and taking off your shoes as you enter the house; shoes are the worst offenders when it comes to tracking in dirt from outside, so keeping them away from your carpets would really help keep dust and dirt away from your carpets. Keeping your slippers, socks, or feet clean before you enter a carpeted room is also a good option.

Do vacuum your carpet regularly. Although our previous tip does help with minimising dust, your carpet floors can still gather dust from a lot of other sources. Try to set aside a bit of time every couple weeks or so to vacuum out your carpet floor, adjusting how often you have to clean depending on which room or rooms are carpeted and how much foot traffic it gets every day (for example, you would want to vacuum the carpet floor in the living room more often than the bedroom). Vacuuming your carpet floor will take away any dust and dirt that has accumulated in the deeper layers of your carpet floor, and doing so regularly will help keep dust and dirt in the carpet to a minimum.

Do use the right cleaning chemicals for your carpet. Whatever material your carpet floors may be, there are cleaning solutions for sale that are designed to effectively clean your carpet floors without damaging them. That being said, if these cleaning solutions are a bit expensive (as they usually are), soaps and detergents that are easier on fabrics – like, say, the ones you use on your clothes – will usually do the trick for getting stains out of your carpet.

Do have deep cleans done on your carpet. If you follow all of the tips we’ve listed above, your carpet should be able to last you quite a long time. Time, however, also has its effects on your carpet floors. As months and years pass, your fabric floors will start to look old. Its colour won’t be as vivid and its texture won’t be as fuzzy as the first day. In addition, your carpet floor will eventually get some tricky stains that the cleaning solutions you have can’t remove completely.

Once your carpets have reached this point, it may be time to have your carpets cleaned out more thoroughly. Professional carpet cleaning services make use of powerful steam cleaning machines that push a cleaning solution through the carpet at high temperatures and pressures, allowing the cleaning solution to reach down into the deepest layers of the carpet, remove tough stains, and kill bacteria as it goes along. The result is a properly cleaned carpet that looks and feels as good as the day you had it installed.

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