Answers To All The Questions Related To Palm trees

Give your private home place, restaurant, event or business a chunk of bliss with the diversity of Palm trees. If you are looking for an exclusive look at your place, then you can buy palm trees to add the beauty and glorify your place. Palm trees are perfect for rehab centers, themed parties, hotel lobbies, weddings, restaurants, decks, patios, pool areas and more. Reading this, you must be excited to buy or rent palm trees. But before buying, plenty of questions come in mind. Here, we will try our best to cover the answers to all of your questions:

How to take care of palm trees in winter?

There are winter plant storage services provided by many ventures. These ventures give expert advice on how to take full care of the palm tree the whole year round. These ventures guarantee the proper growth of the palm tree as they take full care of your palm tree while keeping it in their hot 70-degree greenhouse. They ensure the smooth pickup and delivery of the palm tree while you are sitting at your home. Another option is to buy a cold hardy species of palm trees which can survive even at 5-degree temperature, popularly known as a windmill palm tree. This tree needs minute preparations and can stay healthy during the whole winter season. Winterizing the palm trees i.e.  Wrapping it in winters is very easy. Below mentioned are few things that can be followed to take care of your palm tree in winters:

  • If your palm tree is not much big in size, then a blanket or box can be used to cover it. The box or blanket should not cover the palm tree for more than 5 days.
  • You can use Christmas lights to cover the palm tree. Make a bundle of tree leaves and cover it with lights string. Heat emitted from the lights will secure the tree plus it will grace the look of your tree.
  • You can do a chicken wire fencing around the palm tree and fill the space with leaves. Leaves can be removed in early summer.
  • Pipe insulation or heat tape can be used to protect the trees in winters.

Any of the above methods can be used but you should keep in mind that whenever winter starts getting less cold, you should unwrap your trees.

How to take care of indoor Palm trees?

Do you know that there are a total of 2600 species of a palm tree? Most of the palm trees are imagined to need a lot of sunlight and water. But there is another variety of palm trees as well which will not grow much with too much water. The further details of this desert plant are mentioned below:

  • Botanical Name – Arecaceae
  • Popular Name – Palm tree
  • Type – Woody perennial
  • Size – Miniature to giant
  • Sunlight Exposure – Bright and indirect light
  • Soil – Loose, moist and porous soil
  • The PH level of soil – Little bit acidic to neutral
  • Time of bloom – Year-round
  • Usually found  – All over the world; the Caribbean, South America and the areas of the South Pacific and Asia are the regions of concentration.

The best way to take care of your indoor palm tree is to feed them with fertilizers. Don’t chop off the growing tip of your palm tree, otherwise, you may end up killing your palm tree.

How much you should water your indoor plant?

Palm trees water requirement is almost the same for almost all the varieties. Usually, the palm trees grow best in tropical and subtropical areas which are humid. If palm tree is kept indoors, then it may need more water than usual water intake in open.

Though Palm trees grow in the best way in the moist soil, too much moisture can be harmful to your tree. A good fertilizer along with perfect moisture is like a party to your palm tree.

You should take care if the soil is humid or dry while watering the palm tree. Use your finger to check the moisture by dipping it inside the soil.

If your palm tree leaves start browning, that means your palm tree is lacking moisture and it is getting damaged.

Another thing to be taken care of

Sometimes, we are not aware but our palm tree starts receiving too much light through windows which may lead to the unhealthiness of plants.

Too much of everything is bad. Too much amount of fertilizers can also harm your plant. If thinking the less exposure to light, you keep the palm tree outdoor, it may lead to burnout of the leaves. If you are not aware that how much amount of fertilizers you should feed to your palm tree, you should always choose to feed it less than the more.

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