Most of the time, if not all the time, homeowners hire professional painters for their house painting, why not? This is the most effective and efficient way to ensure you will get full satisfaction with not only your home painting but overall interior design.

With the many available painting companies to hire, you may not find it easy to consider who to choose. To help you get started, below are good tips to mull over.

Tips When Hiring A Painter For Your Home Project

  • Meet the professionals

There is nothing more effective than letting the pros walk into your home and assess. Minimize your options to just three (ask your friends and family for recommendations, as they are the best people to seek reference from) and invite them to your home for a quick assessment.

Never settle for a pro that only needs few minutes to assess your space. Even the most experienced painter needs longer time to assess the condition of a home before they can provide evaluation.

Also, when they are in your home, it is best to ask about the size of their crew, timelines and cost estimate to finish the project.

  • Say your expectations clear and precise

The painters will provide service according to their standards, imperfections are nothing but usual and common in painting surfaces, hence it is necessary that you set your own expectations. Let them know important information like spaces and surfaces you want to see flawless finish, and when you want them to finish the project (although, you should not give impossible timelines and make sure they have enough time to finish the project according to your strict expectation).

Providing your clients with clear and precise expectations is important to ensure you will get what you wished for.

Sometimes, people are unhappy with the result they receive simply because they failed to provide clear expectations to their servicer. Do not expect anything spectacular If you do not set your expectations in the first place.

  • Get estimates

Asking for estimates is important before shaking the hand of a pro for agreement. You are asking for estimate not to get the cheapest but to prepare budget. You would not want the painting job stopped because you do not have money to sustain its expenses.

Getting estimate will allow you to negotiate and add on other services if your budget permits. This will give you the chance to compare prices of one pro to another, but you would not want to compare an apple to an orange, or an established painter to someone who is just new in the industry.

Since it is only estimate, expect that there are other expenses that will go along the way during the project. Prepare money more than the estimate to ensure project will not get delayed and you will get the painting job exactly as how you want it.

  • Get references

One of the things you can do to ensure you are getting the best professional is asking for references. This can be time consuming but calling few of their previous clients will help you become successful in this dream project. It is best if you call their most recent clients, and ask for the level of satisfaction they receive from the painting company in question.

Tip: Make sure that you introduce yourself immediately onset of the call and let them know the purpose of your call. It is not easy to trust people over the telephone hence you have established your integrity. Make sure that you only ask relevant questions, related to just the painting job they receive, nothing else.

Another tip is if the painting company did not provide you with references, run and go to your next painting company option. No company confident with the service they provide declines information as such.

  • Get a clear,  complete contract

The contract should include all important details about the project, and some of the information you must see are:

  • The painter company’s information like company’s name, office, physical address, cell phone number and license number. Their information should be stipulated on the contract
  • The estimate: the estimate on the contract should include the services, materials, inclusions and exclusions on the project and so on
  • The timeline must be included on the contract as well. Like time expected that the painting job is completed and so on

You also have to secure their worker’s compensation insurance and liabilities. It is easy for them to claim they have insurance and liabilities hence providing you a copy is a good way to assure they truly have it.

You would not want to end with many liabilities, in the event that one of their workers met an accident while on duty.

Part of their contract should be a guarantee that in the event the work is not done according to agreement, they will either return the money paid or will rework on the space until they achieve exactly what was discussed on the agreement.

  • Choose the right paint color

Instead of letting the professionals do all the work, participate with the decision making by choosing the color to apply for your space. Let them give you options of color on the hue of your choice and decide which you thought is best to match your space and your liking.

It is best that before you speak to a professional painter, you already have a color in mind.

There are many sites relating to home renovation and using them as your reference can help you big time achieve exactly what you want from your overall home renovation not limited to just home painting.

This project is not cheap at all, hence you should not decide in a rush. Take as much time as you can before deciding on who amongst the companies you would consider to hire. Once you sign up for an agreement, make sure that you are 100% sure about the company you will hire. 

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