Having a pool in your backyard offers unlimited fun and entertainment to your friends and family. However, carrying away with the excitement turning blind eye to the precautions is not wise either.

Take some time out and determine if you are providing safe net with standard pool security measures to the guests or risking their life in all the euphoria.  

Are you considering adding a pool to your property? If yes, then planning is important.

According to CDC reports, each year, several children drown in swimming pools. This leads to unintentional injury deaths of children under 5 years.

If you have ever been around kids, you must know how they can get into trouble in the blink of an eye. Do you have a small kid at your place and worried about installing a pool? No need to worry as we provide you all the information to steer clear of any such harm:

What Does Pool Safety Mean?

The question itself is very dynamic and emphasizes on the importance of every trivial element that has a vital role in establishing safety around the vicinity of your swimming pool. Walking on a wet floor can be risky that includes accidentally hitting the head on the floor or breaking a bone after falling hard.

Go through the below-given guidelines and establish a layer of protection around your pool:


This is a proactive way to thwart misfortunes and distress. You have to supervise and conduct a thorough surveillance of the area to ensure that it safe for your kids.  Make sure the adult guests are cognizant of the children in or around pool.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

No one ever dreams of witnessing any deadly incident that could put the health of their kids or adults in danger. Make sure you have a personal instructor available to  practice the technique CPR if the need arises.

In fact, the Red Cross, in the wake of the incidents, provides CPR courses online to instill the right skills to protect the life of innocent swimmers.

Install Pool Barriers

Constructing and maintaining barriers such as pool safety fences, pool gates, pool covers, alarms around the pool reduces the risk of any unfortunate incident such as drowning.  Good barriers restrict the child to access the unsupervised pool.

How To Prevent Children from Subverting The Barriers?

  • Surround the four sides of the pool with a fence instead of serving the house as the fourth barrier.
  • Fences should be placed four feet high.
  • Build the fence in a manner that restricts the kids from using objects to cross over it. Moreover, the fence should not have handholds or footholds.
  • If in case, the house opens directly to the pool, its important to install door alarms to alert the guards around.  

Learn to Swim

Make sure whosoever is swimming is skilled or trained enough. Credible swimming skills are a must, but it does not entitle you to let your guard down once your kids went underway swimming classes.

You can never be too careful with the lives of your children, or any child for that matter, or anyone who sets foot in or near your pool. Right?

Pool Covers

Using a pool cover not only deter accidents but also prevents your pool from uninvited guests.

Confused with choosing a perfect pool cover? Don’t be!

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First Aid Kit

It’s not necessary that all the pool accidents happen in the middle of the pool. Kids can get entangled while playing and forget they’re not supposed to run on the pool deck. Just one slip slippery floor is enough to sustain an injury.

Keep a first aid kit handy. Generally, it has disinfectant and bandages for minor injuries and some medical emergency supplies.

A poolside kit may have also have a first aid blanket to cover anyone who has been rescued from drowning to warm the body.

Establish Ground (and Water) Protocols

Every play area needs to have a code of conduct to stave off any chances of injury.

For instance, the kids must be warned of the consequences of running around on the pool deck. For that matter, do not play pranks with the friends near pool.  Have fun but not at the cost of the safety of the innocent lives.

Be aware of the standard protocols and make sure that kids are disciplined to follow them as well.


Hopefully, this blog is helpful to guide you through while installing a swimming pool in your backyard. Never left your children unattended around the pool. Keep a close tab on their activities for a benign fun can put anyone’s life in jeopardy.

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