Best Whole House Humidifiers – 2018 Reviews & Guide

Best Whole House Humidifiers - 2018 Reviews & Guide
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Maintaining the humidity level of the air present inside your room is all-important to prevent you from problems caused by dry air. There are lots of problems you might face due to dry air inside your room, right. Want to put a big full stop to the desert-like air inside your bedroom. If so, then it’s best to turn your head towards the humidifier. Why? Humidifiers are the best choice to add the desired humidity to dry air inside. If you raise the indoor humidity level, you can live healthily.

As compared to dry air, humid air can hold heat more effectively. Therefore trying to heating a house effectively during colder seasons is difficult. It not only put unnecessary load on HVAC system but it can also result in high energy costs. We think that you should expect better than what you pay for lousy performance from air conditioners. Here comes the need to get a perfect whole house humidifier installed in your home.

Additionally dry air can impact on your comfort level in various ways, including dry, itchy and flaky skin, sore throat, frequent nosebleeds and the like. Installing a whole house humidifier can resolve such issues. Keep reading this page to be aware of the best whole house humidifier and its features.

How Does Whole House Humidifiers Work?

Whole house humidifier features an evaporative technology which adds moisture to your living room in an invisible manner. The presence of the motor operates the whole system which in turn it increases the humidity of the air. Moreover, the fan speeds allow you to adjust the speed of the humidity level. It consumes low power so you can save your electricity bill. The humidifier comes with the tank; in which you need to pour water which in turn it releases the cool water vapor to increase the moisture level present in the air.

Things to Consider When Buying Whole House Humidifier

Humidifiers are becoming more popular in and around the world because of its wide use. Choosing the best humidifier that meets your home décor is a daunting task because of its large availability. To help you in cherry-picking the best one, we have reviewed the features of the top 7 whole house humidifier and listed below for your consideration.

Types of Whole House Humidifiers:

At first, you should take a close look at the types of the humidifiers. If you want to buy the whole house humidifier, then you need to understand the types and the functions of the humidifier.

Commonly, there are 2 basic types of the humidifier are available such as evaporative humidifier and steam humidifier. Evaporative humidifiers are powerful and also it comes at a reasonable price in the market when comparing to the steam humidifier.

Moreover, the evaporative humidifiers are the best for those who want to make their dry home cool as well as healthy.

The capacity of the humidifiers:

Definitely, capacity is the most important factor if you want to choose the quality whole house humidifier in the marketplace. Before buying the humidifier check whether the humidifier can able to distribute the moisture air throughout your room or not.

If you are living in the large area building, then you should purchase the 10-12 size of gallon water tank humidifier why because it can able to spread the moisture to all corner of your room easily as well as quickly.

Installation of the humidifier:

Another important factor to consider while buying the humidifier is installation part. Some of the humidifiers require connection to the drainage so before buying the humidifier in the market check the installation. Moreover, it is important to read the warranty of the humidifier. First, clarify the warranty period of the humidifier from the authority and make a right decision.

Normally, the humidifier frequently requires the maintenance. If you want to increase the life of the humidifier, then you should maintain it properly. At least, try to service the humidifier once in a year if you want to get the high performance from it.

Design of the whole house humidifier:

The design of the humidifier is not same for every product. So, you should consider the design of the humidifier. Some of the devices come with the smart control options. With the help of the smart control options, you can easily operate and control the fan speed of the humidifier easily.

However, better to go the simple design humidifier because it is easy to maintain and also it comes at an affordable price in the market.

Price of the humidifier:

Most of the people prefer the lightweight and portable type of the humidifier. Similarly, if you want to buy the mobility type of the humidifier, then buy the humidifier with the casters. So, you can shift it from one place to another place easily.

At first, check the price of each and every product and analyze whether the price is suitable for your budget or not.

Normally, the price of the humidifier is costly in the market so purchase it through online so you can purchase the brand new humidifier at an affordable price. If you buy the humidifier through the online, surely, you can save 15% to 20% of your money.

2018 Recommended Whole House Humidifiers:

Here is a list of some top-rated whole house humidifier which will help you to end with the best one.


AIRCARE is delivering the elegant humidifier that suits to any home décor. The humidifiers from this brand will add moisture to your room by moving dry air away. This is a fantastic humidifier which features an easy-to-fill tank so you can fill the tank effortlessly.

If you really want to prevent allergies and get relief from the dry skin problems, then this is the best humidifier to choose.

  1. Design:

With its easy-fill tank design, it reduces your time and effort. This humidifier features an elegant design so it will suit your home décor. It comes with the maximum running time of 60 hours. Within that time, it increases the humidity level of the air inside your bedroom.

  1. Capacity:

This humidifier comes with a tank capacity of 3.5 gallon which adds humidity to medium home up to 2400 square feet. If you want to humidify your whole house, then this is a perfect choice.

  1. Performance:

It’s easy to adjust the humidity settings because it comes with customizable settings. You can find the separate buttons for humidity control, fan speed, and power on/off.

  1. Digital Display:

The digital display lets you to easily see the actual and desired humidity level. This humidifier features 9 fan speeds so you change the speed as per your need.

  1. Auto shut-off:

There is no need to shut off this system because the auto-shut off feature will stop humidifying the air when the unit becomes empty and once it reaches the desired humidity level.


  • It works great.
  • The running time is good
  • It is a good humidifier for the price


  • It’s expensive to buy.


AIRCARE has been the renowned manufacturer in providing the inexpensive and stylish humidifiers. The cost of the humidifier comes under your budget and the features also meet your needs. This ta a good whole house humidifier which is perfect for small to medium homes.

  1. Awesome design:

It features a lightweight design and available in white color which perfectly suits to your home décor. It also features a single bottle design which does not occupy more space in your room.

  1. Performance:

It runs up to 36 hours and the tank capacity of this humidifier is of 3.6 gallons. The 4 fan speeds allow you to change the speed based on your wish. It comes with the three-speed motor which runs very smoothly so you can get noise-free humidifying.

  1. Comfort:

The customizable humidity settings allow you to select the desired humidity level and you can see the level by means of digital display.

  1. Durability and portability:

It is made from high-quality materials so it will last long forever and its lightweight design allows you to carry this humidifier easily to wherever you want.

  1. Easy to Clean:

This unit is easy to clean so you can extend the life of this humidifier without wasting too much money for cleaning it.

  1. Auto Shut-off:

The presence of the auto shut-off feature turns off the system automatically once it reaches the desired humidity level and after the unit becomes empty.

  1. Easy to use:

This humidifier is good for medium homes because it humidifies the air up to 3,600 square feet.


  • It provides mobility
  • It’s energy efficient to use.
  • The running time is good.
  • It comes with the night time setting.
  • It is white in color.


  • The quality is not good for the price.


URPOWER is one of the best-selling manufacturers which provide the best humidifiers to the customers. With that, you can improve the humidity level of the air inside your baby room or office, and so on.

  1. Elegant design:

It features an elegant design and comes in black color. Definitely, this will match your home theme because the silver body design enhances the beauty of your home as well.

  1. Capacity:

It is featured with the 5-liter water tank so you can store more water which in turn it will release cool vapor for a whole night.

  1. Performance:

This wonderful humidifier will work for more than 17 hours so you can sleep in a peaceful manner during the whole night. It comes with two different modes to adjust the mist and its energy efficient to use.

  1. Easy to install:

Along with this mist humidifier, you can get the user manual so it will be easy for you to install the humidifier.

  1. Auto shut-off:

It will not disturb you during the night time also because it features a night time setting. Moreover, there is no need to turn off the humidifier in the midnight or mid-day as well, because the auto shut-off feature takes care of that. This feature automatically stops the operation when the unit becomes dry.

  1. Comfort:

With the auto shut-off feature, you can extend the life of the humidifier. How? Automatic shut-off does not allow the system to overheat and your unit won’t short circuit as well.

  1. Easy operation:

It’s simple to operate. Even a small child can also operate this humidifier because it comes with only one power button so handling is easy.


  • It features a stylish design.
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • It performs quiet operation


  • It’s difficult to maintain.


Honeywell is a world’s leader which delivers the most wonderful humidifiers at great low prices. With those humidifiers, you can easily remove the dry air in your room and it prevents you from the flu and various diseases.

  1. Simplistic elegant design:

This humidifier features a lightweight and compact design so it won’t occupy much space in your bedroom. The white color of this whole house humidifier will suit to your beautiful home theme.

  1. Great compact size:

The size of this humidifier measures 21 inch H x 17-1/2 D x 13 W. It comes with the 3-year warranty so you can use this humidifier to get the humidity level effectively.

  1. Tank capacity:

It comes with the good tank capacity of 9 gallon which is perfect for day and night humidifying your room. This is perfect for small to medium rooms up to 2300 square feet.

  1. Easy to adjust:

If you want to adjust the moisture level, you can simply do with the moisture settings. This is because it comes with the 3 adjustable moisture settings.

  1. Performance:

It performs a noiseless operation so your sleep won’t get disturbed by the humidifier. Each filling will work up to 24 hours so there is no interruption in humidifying the air.

  1. Easy to clean:

You can clean this humidifier easily which in turn you will get dust-free humidifying. This is featured with the dual tanks so you can fill it easily and as well carrying is also very simple.

  1. Prevents bacteria, fungi, and so on:

It is featured with an antimicrobial-treated filter which prevents the migration of fungus, algae, mold, and bacteria so you can completely get pure moisture inside your room.

  1. Emits invisible moisture:

This whole house humidifier features evaporative technology which in turn it releases invisible moisture to your room.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • It’s quite simple to operate


  • Sometimes, the operation is noisy.


AIRCARE has been the renowned manufacturer in offering the stylish whole house humidifier at an affordable price. This humidifier comes with many special features so it’s ranking in top 10 humidifier’s list. It’s a good humidifier to add invisible moisture to your bedroom, baby room, office, and so on.

  1. Stylish design:

This humidifier not only features a stylish design but also a compact design so it will not occupy more space in your home. With the innovative evaporative technology, it releases the invisible moisture to your room. It comes in oak burl color which is perfect for any home décor.

  1. Adjustable settings:

The presence of the customizable humidity settings helps you to easily increase or lower the humidity levels of your room.

  1. Mobility:

It features a single bottle design so carrying this humidifier from one place to another is very easy. Even, you can store this in a small bag for portability.

  1. Durability:

This wonderful humidifier is made from the domestic and improved parts in the USA so you can expect long-lasting durability.

  1. Performance:

It performs a noiseless operation and it comes with a 5.4-gallon tank capacity so you can fill more water at once for 45 hours of run time.

  1. Digital display:

With the presence of the digital display, it’s easy to read out the actual and the desired humidity level. This features 4 fan speeds so you can adjust the speed of the humidifier as per your wish.

  1. Auto shut-off:

It shuts off automatically when the tank becomes dry and the moisture from this humidifier helps to prevent you from dry skin problems. This is the best humidifier for humidifying the room up to 3,700 square feet.


  • It features an elegant design
  • It comes with 2-year limited warranty
  • It comes with 4 fan speed


  • It is quite expensive to buy.


AIRCARE is the best provider in delivering evaporative humidifier. The entire humidifiers from this brand are good in design and worth for the money. It’s a good humidifier which maintains the proper humidity level of the air so you can get relief from the dry skin problems.

  1. Compact design:

This is a perfect humidifier for the small room because this compact design does not occupy much space in your bedroom, office, and so on. It comes in white color so it will fit any home theme perfectly.

  1. Performance:

It performs a quiet operation so you will get uninterrupted sleep for a whole night. Moreover, it is featured with the night-time setting which never disturbs you from sleep?

  1. Convenient to use:

It comes with the 3-speed motor to perform the noiseless operation and the auto humidistat adjusts the moisture level based on the room temperature.

  1. Easy to fill:

It’s easy to fill the water tank without spilling water because it comes with a wide mouth opening.

  1. Easy to clean:

You can clean this humidifier using some cotton cloth or brush to make it dust-free. Finally, you can maintain proper humidity inside your room.

  1. Auto shut-off:

This feature lets you sleep without any disturbance for a whole night. If the tank gets drained, the system will shut-off automatically.

  1. Perfect for small to medium homes:

This is a good humidifier which is ideal for medium-sized homes up to 2,600 square feet. It comes with a good tank capacity of 2.5 gallons so it operates up to 36 hours.


  • Compact design
  • It features a digital display
  • It comes with the 3 fan speeds.


  • Humidity monitor is not quite great.


If you want to buy the best evaporative humidifier at an affordable price, then it’s best to turn towards this. This is really a wonderful humidifier which performs noiseless operation and provides moisture to your room in an even manner. You can easily fill the tank of this humidifier because it is featured with an easy-to-fill tank design.

  1. Design:

This is a humidifier which features a lightweight design so you can move this from one place to another effortlessly.

  1. Digital humidistat:

The presence of the digital humidistat helps to maintain the actual and the desired humidity level properly.

  1. Easy to fill:

The front fills pour-in design lets you easily fill the tank so there is no need to carry tanks outside.

  1. Fan speed:

With the presence of the 9 fan speeds, you can select your desired performance level. Furthermore, it comes with the replaceable tile so you can easily change it according to your home theme.

  1. Dimensions:

The size of the humidifier is very small so you can place it in any compact room as well. It’s easy to install without the help of the professionals.

  1. Running time:

This is an evaporative humidifier which emits invisible moisture to the room and the maximum running time of this humidifier is 60 hours.

  1. Perfect for small to medium homes:

This humidifier emits moisture to the homes up to 2,400 square feet. The presence of the 9 fan speeds allows you to adjust the speed of the humidifier based on your choice.


  • It is a portable one
  • It provides durability.
  • It is an ETL approved one.
  • It features an easy-to-fill design


  • The operation will be quite loud after several uses.


Humidifiers are a great alternative for your home to add some moisture to your room. Due to this, you can prevent you from various dry skin problems. Moreover, these types of humidifiers help you to prevent infection caused by fungi, algae, and molds. With the help of this humidifier, you can get healthy air which will not let you face any skin problems. You all know that humidifiers are providing lots of features to your home so why don’t you spend some of your valuable time to choose the best one. Keep in mind the above mentioned whole house humidifier and acquire the best to add moisture to your living room.

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