Rodent problem is one of the most annoying and costly problem for you property. Rats and mice come without asking, and start wrecking your items and littering. For a person who faces this problem first time, it might come quite difficult to solve. Hence, in order to get rid of them fast and permanently, you have to know their weak points.

There are many effective methods for rodent control. In order to separate yourself from these unpleasant guests, you can prevent them, coming at first place. Rat repellents are ideal for this purpose. These device emit ultrasound which is harmless for people, but have terrifying effect on rats. They will start develop huge problems with nervous system,lose appetite and eventually leave your place. This is pretty moderate and medium cost solution.

But if for some reason you want to avoid these, or it didn’t work for you, you can choose other options like Rat poisons. These chemicals are lethal, not only for rats, but also for other living animals, that is why you have to use it with caution, in order for your pets and kids to be safe. Rat poisons are ideal if you really suspect that the number of rats is big. You can spread the poison to areas where you notice their activity, like basements, attics, garages. The effects will not let you wait. After 4-5 days you will notice a great number of dead rodent bodies all over those places. These works faster against mice – they will pass away after 1 hour, but rats will usually die after 4-5 days. When choosing a poison you need to pay attention for it to be second generation anticoagulant, containing bromadiolone. This chemical is lethal for rats only after a single take in. Some poisons may require for rats to intake it more than once, so that may lag the extermination process. There are also some eco-friendly poison options which are effective and also safe for pets and children, but rats may avoid the baits from these. You can also find some informative guide on best rat poison also.

The next option is setting rat traps. Rat traps are one of the oldest, yet effective solutions for rodent problem. There are sophisticated models, which will send kill alerts directly to your mobile phone.

These can suit you if you are quite busy, and have no time to check the traps. Other than that there are good electronic rat traps, which are easy to use and do not let you see or touch the bodies of rodents. The last kind of trap is wooden snap trap. Unlike electronic these traps can be used both inside and outside the buildings.

The next option, is using natural ways, such as bringing cats or dogs to exterminate rats. In some cases this may work out, but the uncertainty is quite high here. Some cats and dogs do not react to these and avoid rats themselves.

The last option may be usage of some natural oils and plants as means against rats, like peppermint and olive oil. While this may work against some rats, some other species may develop resistance and actual feed on these. One last option for you, would be to call rat extermination experts. They will clear your house from rodents in a single day, but this may seem a costly option for you. It is advisable you go for quality over the price in the case of rat control. If you choose cheap and ineffective methods rats may return and cause much more economic damage, that is why you have to plan this process very responsibly and meticulously.

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