The humidifiers which are used in the winter season also called as cool mist humidifiers. This kind of humidifiers is used for the purpose of preventing us from the skin rashes and some other skin problems which arise due to low humidity level in the outdoor.

The sudden changes in the climate system will spoil the skin care and cause much more bad reactions in the skin. Especially in the winter season skin get very dry due to the very cool air on the outdoors, a simple solution for this problem is to use a warm mist humidifier, which gives you a heated air on your indoors. So that you can protect your skin from the dry cool air on the winter season.

Generally, a warm mist humidifier means to the evaporative humidifier systems, which generates a hot air by means of evaporating a cool air from the outside.  All models of evaporative humidifiers come under the category of warm mist humidifiers only.

Let us see the best cool mist humidifiers which are suitable for the winter season as a list below with its explanations,

  • Crane Frog Cool Mist Humidifier model ee-3191,
  • Optimus u-33015 1-gallon tank capacity cool mist evaporative humidifier,
  • Vicks 1.0 gallon cool mist humidifier,

Crane Frog Cool Mist Humidifier model EE-3191:

This is a humidifier which has a cute design with one tester went in skeptical but produce a pleasantly surprised mist. The base of this humidifier is heavier than all another humidification system. This cool mist humidifier is best for the children who wants to eliminates the risk of scalding.

Pros of  a Crane Frog Cool Mist Humidifier model EE-3191:

  • A great thing in this humidifier system is, the tank of this system gets off when the level of water in the system gets low.
  • This system is compactable with the even in very smallest space.

Optimus U-33015 1-gallon tank capacity cool mist evaporative humidifier:

This is an ideal system for the medium size room to get a more comfortable and clean cool air. The Optimus u-33015 machine can able to hold up to 1 gallon of water in the water reservoir unit and able to produce up to 2 gallons of moisture.

This system will give you an assurance of irritation problem free air as the benefits of using its special units.

Pros of the optimus u-33015 1-gallon tank capacity cool mist evaporative humidifier:

  • This is a perfect humidifier for medium size room,
  • By taking the input of 1-gallon water it can generate 2 gallons of cool mist,
  • This model has a 2 moisture output setting as warm and cool mist generation units.

Vicks 1.0 gallon cool mist humidifier:

This is another great model for cool mist generation which generates 1.2 gallons of mist within a room by taking 1 gallon of water as an input.

Pros of vicks 1.0-gallon cool mist humidifier:

  • This humidifier uses an eveborative technology to monitor the humidity level in the room.
  • It has two moist output setting as a silent feature.

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