Are you disturbed by the lack of moisture level in your home? , if you said yes to my question, then it is time to you invest in the whole house humidification system. The whole house humidifiers will help you to increase the moisture level in all areas of your home, rather than cooling only one room by means of using a small humidification system.

When you are decided to buy a household humidifier, before that you need to understand the basic concepts and features of a humidifier. Here is a list of top 3 best whole house humidification systems which are suggested to buy to make your home cool.

  • Lennox y2786 whole house humidifier,
  • The Aprilaire 400 humidifiers,
  • New ESSICK air ep9800 digital whole house evaporative humidifier,

Lennox y2786 whole house humidifier:

The Lennox company has a good reputation in the market compared to other competitive companies because of the high quality making parts of a humidifier. The quality standard and fast supplier make the rating of this company high in the best humidifier systems.

Whereas when any part of this system get repaired you can easily replace it by using an HVAC system in your home and you can install it separately to use that system to get the humidity level needed by you.

The processing method of this system is same as the bypass humidifiers, which connects to the furnace system directly and uses the heat from that furnace system to turn the water into the steam which is necessary for maximizing the humidity levels in you home.

This model humidifier also allows you to use your existing fans or blowers to push more of the steam away from the inside unit of this humidifier itself.

The Aprilaire 400 humidifiers:

The Aprilaire 400 humidifier is a bypass humidifier which comes with a digital control system that allows you to choose the amount of humidity needed to down your room temperature.

You can also use a knob which is located at the bottom side of the system to change the humidity from low level to high level. Because of an evaporating model, this system will increase the temperature of the water and make it as a steam to release in the home.

New ESSICK air ep9800 digital whole house evaporative humidifier:

This is one of the traditional model whole house humidifier system, which can use as a piece of furniture and keep out in a plain view. Due to the more comfortable design, this system can be fit anywhere in your house easily.

Use of this system will give at the maximum of 17 gallons of water on each day and it uses less than one gallon of water on every hour to release an enough amount of steam to bring down the humidity level of your home with a low level about 2,500 square feet space.

This model has comes with an in build 9 different fan settings which can make you feel more comfortable in your home.

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