Usually, furnace humidifiers come as one of the builds in part of the heating system, ventilation system, and air conditioning systems. Sometimes a furnace system can be installed separately near to the furnace which can be in the running state when the furnace is running.

The furnace humidifier is necessary to cool the air inside the indoor to safeguard your children and babies. There are many various furnace humidifiers are available in the market, which is run combined with only furnace system. The furnace humidifier has three types as,

  • Bypass humidifier,
  • fan powered humidifier,
  • steam humidifier,

 Bypass humidifier:

This kind of humidifier system intakes the hot air directly from the furnace system, which will absorb the water to create a warm mist after passing via a filter.

Fan-powered humidifier:

In this kind of humidifiers, the device sends a mist into the air by using a fan to blow water to go via a filter.

Steam humidifier:

In steam humidifiers, the machine boils the water to form a hot steam which is dispersed into the air.

Now let us see the best furnace humidifiers available in the market with is detailed view.

  • Aprilaire Models 400, 500, and 600,
  • GeneralAire 1000A Elite Humidifier,
  • Honeywell TrueEASE HE300A1005 Advanced Fan Powered Humidifier with Automatic Digital Control,
  • GeneralAire 1137 and 1042LH Legacy Humidifier,

Aprilaire Models 400, 500, and 600:

The furnace humidifiers from Aprilaire Models such as 400, 500 and 600 are considered as the same range humidifiers which are categorized as best furnace humidifiers. All the three models are bypass type humidifiers which directly connect to your heating system.

The main advantage in these model humidifiers is there is no need to fill the water because this unit is already connected to a water line of the furnace system.


GeneralAire 1000A Elite Humidifier:

The furnace humidifier from the generalAire model 1000A is a fan powered whole house humidifier which mounts easily on the warm air plenum and delivers the users up to 18 gallons of humidity per day by covering an area of 3000 square feet.

This furnace humidifier can give you a feature of manual or automatic mode with an outdoor sensor for the temperature compensating control.

Honeywell TrueEASE HE300A1005 Advanced Fan Powered Humidifier with Automatic Digital Control:

This model furnace humidifier is a fan powered whole house humidification systems which cover up to 3000 square feet by dispersing up to 18 gallons per day. This system can be mounted directly to the duct of the heating system or cooling system.

GeneralAire 1137 and 1042LH Legacy Humidifier:

In a GeneralAire 1137m Legacy Humidifier model, a warm air is pulled out by a fan which is placed inside the humidifier. In this system, the furnace air via the water soaked vapor pad, where the extra moisture is absorbed and disposed of Von your whole home via a duct system.

The MHX3C humidification system will allow you to control the humidity level manually.

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