A home without dehumidifier has no fresh air. However finding best dehumidifier isn’t easier. This comprehensive guide will let you find a dehumidifier which best suits your need.

What scent hits us first when we enter home? Although we like sweet smells from kitchen, we unluckily get hit with musty smells of dust, mildew and mild. Don’t hang with disappointments and get best dehumidifier. Excessive humidity and mild can cause asthma and makes a place less attractive.

If your cat’s allergies are worsening and there are black growths in basements, bathrooms and kitchen, consider installing dehumidifier. You can’t overlook sneezing and dampness even after upping the antihistamine dose! Another reason of installing dehumidifier is damage your wooden furniture could go through. Have best dehumidifier to tackle, condensation, dampness, and rapid encroaching mold. Follow these guidelines to buy best humidifier.

Importance of dehumidifier

Our homes are havens and heavens where we grow, rest, relax, rejuvenate and meet. For health, humidity level in air is important. As little humidity is fine, higher levels can result in bigger issues. Higher humidity is not only bad for health, however it affects, furniture, electronics and clothes. Dehumidifiers help to maintain preferable and healthy levels of humidity, cleanse air and rid excess moisture to avoid mold, bacteria and other organisms.

When you need dehumidifier?

Until you are super sensitive or proactive you cannot realize that air you are inhaling is healthy and safe, before you start feeling adverse effects. You need dehumidifier when you feel;

  • Moist or wet stains on walls and ceilings.
  • Condensation on windows
  • Unpleasantly stuffy rooms
  • Musty odors
  • Visible molds
  • Higher and uncomfortable moisture levels

Regrettably, opening window doors and allowing on more sunlight can’t lower humidity levels completely and if you live in congested region, dehumidifier is must.

Sizing Guide

Sizing guide is necessary to match machine to moisture released, because dehumidifiers vary by pints of moisture removed from air per day. This guide does not look at weight or size but moisture level removed per day.

Larger ones can remove more moisture per day then smaller dehumidifiers, and they occupy more space. Rather looking at size, look at amount of work it do. Also consider area of house and number of rooms. Beside area, also consider dampness of rooms, with pretty damp room get humidifier of higher capacity, with little dampness stick to the specific capacity. Follow this guide.

30-Pints Dehumidifier
A.k.a. small capacity dehumidifiers, cover rooms of 1500 to 2000 sq. ft. regardless of its dampness. They are suitable for residential basements.

40 to 50-Pints Dehumidifiers
For area above 2000 sq. ft. you need 40 to 50 pint range dehumidifier that can works fine for space that feel damp and musty. For moisture on walls or if you have mold growth in past, this type is best. Otherwise, this range is considered as medium capacity dehumidifiers

60 to 70-Pint Dehumidifiers
For larger space up to 3000 sq. ft. this type can remove more than 70% of humidity.

Most dehumidifiers come what bucket to collect water that need regular emptying. Then there are some with setups which allow draining automatically and they are best for basements as floors drains are setup already.

Other factors to consider for size of dehumidifiers are;

  • People who live and spend time in that house
  • If your house located in humid climate\
  • Number of windows and doors
  • Presence or absence of washer or dryer

Best Dehumidifiers Reviews 2019

Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Effective Humidity Control

Frigidaire is popular for improved air quality. Keeping air within optimum humid levels, the company understands customer’s need. This FFAD7033R1 dehumidifier by Frigidaire is best seller on the market.

This 70-Pints machine works tirelessly to clear extra moisture. It keeps humidity within optimal range of 50 % and completely eliminate molds and mildew. Low humidity creates unfavorable environment for viruses and bacteria to survive.

This 70pints dehumidifier uses standard 115Volt electrical outlet. So do not worry for electrical adjustments. Even in colder climates, FFAD7033R1 dehumidifier holds up quite well, and its lower-temperature function helps in saving energy costs.

While working hard to eliminate excess moisture, it doesn’t consume lots of energy. You will never regret buying it when you see your bills. It comes with Energy Saver rating and UL listings. It boasts another efficient feature of Ready Select electronics control that have digital humidity readout to ensure optimum humidity percentage making soft skin and comfortable breathing. It include 24 hr. on/off timer and control lock. Keep it near to drain for continuous operation whole day. Thanks to SpaceWise portable design, caster wheels, integrated side handles and a top handle, anyone can move it effortlessly from one place to other.


  • It’s white and matches with interior
  • It’s quieter than other 70 pint dehumidifiers
  • It’s ideal for damp basements
  • It can runs 24 hour
  • It has on/off timer
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Easy to move from one place to other


  • Have a smaller tank, so you need to empty it often

Ivation 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier For Spaces Up To 4,500 Sq Ft

For a space of 4500 sq. ft. 70 pint humidifier holds a power to evacuate 70 pints of moisture within 24 hours.
Although big, its weight is only 40 pounds, therefore it’s ideal for discrete spaces. With 4 sturdy extremely portable rolling caster wheels move it easily from one place to other.

During hot and humid seasons no worries at all, despite is power, it would not hurt energy bills. 5 ft. long, 3 prong power cord is large enough, therefore you would not need extra extension wires.

Its efficiency comes from 2 fan speed, regular and turbo. On/off switch is there for better control. A user-friendly LCD display gives glance of reservoir and filter function alerts for further implication of use and maintenance.

With built-in relative humidity meter, you can view current humidity level of space on LCD. You can then set ideal condition for automatic moisture control. Convenient 24 hour timer can save energy costs. An auto restart feature is also there in case of power failure. Other features include washable air filter, frost sensor, easy empty reservoir


  • It’s quieter than other larger dehumidifiers
  • It eliminates excessive moisture fast.
  • Include automatic restart feature and built-in filter feature works efficiently.
  • Easy to setup


  • It can get a bit loud with time

Friedrich D70BPA 70 Pint Dehumidifier with Built-In Drain Pump

It competes other with its built-in drainage pump. You do not need to empty bucket again. It detects the condensate level and starts draining intuitively. It keep running once emptied without resetting manually. Beside this it also include removable condensate bucket which holds 16 pint of water.

Therefore, this is ideal humidifier for those who are looking for 70 pint machine which can hold water in bucket, automatically pump condensation vertically or horizontally when bucket gets full or one with continuous drainage outlet.

It’s easier to use, and top mount digital touch control display relative humidity levels and temperature. It include 6 ft. power cord that makes it convenient.

It is energy start rated, it offers continuous draining function while fan cycles off with processor. It improves comfort by giving efficient and reliable operations. Humidity levels can be set from 30-90% RH with use of top mounted digital touch controls. With auto-start feature and on/off timer this machine running well in power failure.

Its modern and sleek design and washable slide-out filter makes it best 70 pints dehumidifier.


  • Its drain pump works fine, and it drains automatically
  • It’s energy efficient, and does not run as much on achieving optimum humidity.
  • It’s efficient and clears moisture from larger spaces easily.


  • It’s a bit louder

Honeywell 70-Pint Dehumidifier DH70W Energy Star

For relatively smaller room with high humidity and lots of growing mold, a 50 pints dehumidifier seems to be best, however it doesn’t work well. Therefore, you may still need 70 pints with capacity to clear more moisture in shorter time span. This DH70W by Honeywell is Energy Star dehumidifier which comes handy in such situations.

It removes 70 pints in 24 hours. A digital thermostat control which senses humidity level to check before dehumidification activates. Room temperature, timer settings and humidity settings appears on large LED display.

Depending on humidity and how fast you need it to work, select between low and high fan setting. Also you can set time you need dehumidifier to work using 24 hours timer. An auto restart function is convenient that will restart dehumidifier after power failure.

Its low temperature functions keeps it running even at low of 41 degree F. It features front water level indicator, full tank light, auto shutoff, and audible alert. Such features increases efficiency of device and reduce problems after plugging in.

Continuous drain is another best feature. You will need to buy garden hose separately in order to use it. However even without hose, you can move it using smooth gliding caster wheels and side handles. It has an easy detachable tank, and an anti-spill element with ergonomic and comfortable handles.

Washable air filter removes water particles making breathing easy once it is cleaned up.


  • Fan shuts off while compressor goes off
  • It’s most durable dehumidifier out there.
  • With large capacity and powerful operation, it evacuate lots of moisture in shorter time span
  • Control panel display is easier to use and filter screen is easier to reach and clean
  • It functions quietly


  • Filter must be changed frequently

Frigidaire 50-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

Frigidaire Dehumidifier has high capacity to remove 50 pints moisture in damp homes in just 24 hours. This dehumidifier offers twofold advantages because it works smoothly and uses lesser energy. It has Energy Star rating and works on standard 115Volts electrical outlet.

To save energy and money it comes with low temperature and remains in fine working conditions till 41 degrees F. It features automatic shutoff that gets activated when water tank become full. To reduce trips which involve emptying dehumidifier, consider using continuous drainage function. Ensure suitable draining, and you would not need to empty water in bucket.

Its design is added benefit, which feature front-loading bucket along with anti-spill guard and carrying handle. Location of bucket allow convenient access, and with carrying handle emptying become hassle-free.

Full-tank alert function goes off while water approaches capacity and signal you the time to empty water bucket. SpaceWise Portable design and caster wheels allow extreme movability.


  • It functions effortlessly and quietly
  • It include a simple features for humidity control
  • It’s easier to setup
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Sleek and attractive design


  • It stays to cycle even when humidity level is at maximum
  • Sensor is little off

Our houses, including basements and whole house are havens and heavens where we develop, relax, revitalize and meet others. For healthy life, humidity level is important. As minute humidity level is good, higher levels of humidity can result in greater problems. Higher humidity level isn’t only bad for our health, however it affects our assets including furniture, electronics and clothes. The best Dehumidifiers can help you to maintain preferable and healthier levels of humidity, cleanse air in your environment and eliminate excess moisture to avoid mold, bacteria and other organisms. So intelligently decide what type of humidifier can best match with your home and your family.

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