My team and I tried 30 cups of lukewarm tea or coffee to decide the best beverage. I am now sure that MR. Coffee Warmer is one of the best beverage warmer. It isn’t priced as compared to its basic offering exactly what any coffee lover will like!

Best Beverage Warmer Review – Introduction to the Review 

Often climate or your hectic work schedule does not allow you to have your favorite cup of Joe. Alternatively, perhaps, you like to take time sip by sip, talking with your peers. No matter what the reason is, you might wind up to compromise with just a lukewarm coffee cup halfway through drinking it. There isn’t anything worse than a coffee-cup at room temperature. And there comes the need for best beverage warmer or coffee warmer.

Enter the world of coffee or teacup warmers. A beverage warmer is a flat plate heater which you can plug easily into a USB port or electric socket or electric extension board. They are simply designed to retain your coffee or tea cup warmth for a couple of hours on end. Think of these innovative devices as a heated beverage coaster which saves your desktop and maintains your favorite cup of Joe hot to boot your day!

Therefore, without further ado, let us dive into and learn about some of the affordable yet best beverage warmers available out there. In this write up you will be able to take an in-depth look at what the best beverage warmer constitutes.

5 Best Beverage Warmer Review

All the reviews I have managed here are in the light of views and comments of users who have personally used them and teams who have thoroughly tested them personally. Our original thoughts in compiling the top 5 of the cup warmer were price, the time it keeps an average cup warm for, as well as overall durability and construction.

  1. Coffee Maker Mug Warmer


  • Cord                                      67 inches long
  • Power Output                   17-watts
  • Extras                                    Easy-wipe surface
  • Hot Plate diameter          3 inches

Pros of Mr. Coffee Maker

  • Affordable price as compared to its performance
  • Decent size to accommodate almost all sizes of the mug for tea and coffee as well as and even small bowls for soups and curries.
  • Get hot enough to re-heat your cup

Cons of MR. Coffee Maker

  • Doesn’t work well for outdoors purposes
  • Lacks auto shut-off function
  1. Coffee Maker Review – Our Opinion

Mr. Coffee is pretty famous as a maker of one of the most inexpensive coffee machines on the market. This beverage warmer maintain the tradition with its exceptionally budget-friendly product.

Mr. Coffee Maker beverage warmer is big enough to accommodate almost all sizes of mugs, including 3 ¼ inch diameter). It can even allow you to warm some small bowls of soup. The 67-inch long cord is long enough to confirm that its hot plate can easily go wherever you like to be in that room.

Within 15 minutes its temperature will be reached to 97 degrees C. I must say this isn’t just a great machine to keep any beverage warm but it can also help you to warm it up when it gets cold. Mr. Coffee beverage warmer is easier to use with basic and simple control method. Plate’s surface is also very easy to clean because it is coated with the stain-resistant finish.

There is a complaint about Mr. Coffee beverage warmer. It is reported that it is a bit difficult getting sufficiently warm in freezing weather. No doubt, by extreme, it means going near-freezing temperatures. However, if you aren’t living in severe conditions, this isn’t much of a problem.

  1. COSORI Premium Stainless-Steel Mug Warmer


  • Cord                                      60 inches long
  • Power Output                   24-watts
  • Hot Plate Diameter         3 inches
  • Extras                                    Temperature selection

Pros Of COSORI Premium Stainless-Steel Mug Warmer

  • Durable and well-made
  • LCD to check the current temperature
  • Boast an overcurrent protection

Cons of COSORI Premium Stainless-Steel Mug Warmer

  • Only good to maintain the temperature of the mug, would not really reheat it.

COSORI Premium Stainless-Steel Mug Warmer Review – Our Opinion

COSORI definitely appears the side of modern beverage warmer. Its silver and black color give it a flair of sophisticated look while still not very flashy in design. Regarding output power, it manages to furnish solid results.

Its plate is capable of heating a mug up to a maximum temperature of 55 degrees C or 131 degrees F. It’s not as high as Mr. Coffee Maker, but it gives a decent number when you need to maintain the warmth of tea or coffee or any beverage. COSORI is made from durable and high-quality stainless steel so expect this beverage warmer to last for a longer duration.

COSORI doesn’t have any auto shutdown function.  It is easy to clean, and its hot plate is dishwasher safe. I also would not rely on this brand to warm your cup of Joe because it doesn’t reach appropriate temperature in doing so.

  1. Bellemain Desktop Mug Warmer Review


  • Power Output                   17 watts
  • Cord                                      40 inches Long
  • Hot Plate Diameter         3.5 inches
  • Extras                                    Non-skid feet, easy to clean

Pros of Bellemain Desktop Mug Warmer

  • Can generate high temperatures, even above 100 degrees C
  • Non-slip base.
  • Its Quick-Cool technology instantly disperses heat, believe me just in a matter of few minutes.

Cons of Bellemain Desktop Mug Warmer

  • Cord length is small

Bellemain Desktop Mug Warmer – Our Opinion

This beverage warmer is also highly affordable but reliable one. Its hot plate has a diameter of around 3.5 inches. This size is large enough to use most if not all mug sizes.

When I clocked its plate surface temperature, I found it is average about 100 degrees C and be able to touch around 108 degrees C  at a point, which is hot enough to keep a coffee cup warm, but it is also good enough to reheat when the mug gets cold. Bellemain’s Quick-Cool technology is also a discussable feature which speeds up heat dispersion when you turn the warmer off.

Bellemain Desktop Beverage Warmer boasts a non-slippery base that should entirely save it from slipping around your counter or table. Its non-sticky finish makes it easy to clean. This beverage warmer is not just marketed as mug warmer because it can also be used to heat candles.

  1. NiceLucky Coffee or Beverage Warmer


  • Power Output        16-watts
  • Cord            36 inches long
  • Plate Diameter        3 inches
  • Extras            Auto shut-off function

Pros of NiceLucky Coffee or Beverage Warmer

  • Auto on/off function
  • Sleek and compact design.

Cons of NiceLucky Coffee or Beverage Warmer

  • Sometimes hotplate surface take a little bit more time to get to the maximum temperature
  • NiceLucky Coffee or Beverage Warmer Review – Our Opinion

This beverage warmer boasts a temperature controlling system that is one of the best features to have. Actually, its heater is capable of sensing when you place a coffee cup on it, and it begins heating it up. It begins cooling down once you take the cup off. Therefore you never have to bother about pressing the power button and to bother that you might have left it working. It approaches a max temperature of 55-degree centigrade that’s hot enough for maintaining warmth in your mug but not sufficient when you want to reheat.

This coffee warmer is more compact one on the list, which makes it the best choice for a workplace. However, its hot plate surface is also not much larger, and it might not accommodate mugs of large sizes. I sincerely recommend this beverage warmer, if you are looking a beverage warmer with an auto shut off option.

Norpro Decorative Mug Warmer


  • Power Output                   24-watt
  • Cord                                      60 inches Long
  • Extras                                    Decorative and Non-stick
  • Hot Plate Diameter         3.75-inch diameter

Pros of Norpro Decorative Mug Warmer

  • Compact design allows you to take it anywhere
  • Easy and quick cleaning because of non-stick finish of plate surface
  • Longer power cord

Cons of Norpro Decorative Mug Warmer

  • LED lights are dim, particularly in the well-lit room.

Norpro Decorative Mug Warmer Review – Our opinion

This one is a well-established brand out there, and it has received the distinction of being one of the most trustworthy coffee cup warmers. Norpro’s compact design means that you can even use it in office, home as well as during travel.

The cord size is 60 inches which means you can take it anywhere in the room. Plate surface is around 3.75 inch so you can place most if not all sizes of cups. Cleaning the plate is also very easy.

Its maximum temperature is 60 degrees C that is sufficiently hot to retain hot in your cup, however not too high to reheat a cold cup.

Are you looking for cordless and battery operated beverage warmer?

Unfortunately, I am highly against a battery operated or cordless beverage warmer. I reviewed several cordless cups and was not able to find a single one that generates enough amount of heat to maintain the hot mug warm really. It is slightly inconvenient, but you will be satisfied with standard corded beverage warmer as others in this list.

Important Features to look into When Buying the Best Beverage Warmer

Many basic models perform well. However look into the premium options. Beverage warmers that feature an auto shut off, larger plate’s surface, automatic temperature and the like.

As these coffee warmers are more expensive, look into these features to help yourself in keeping things quite safer and easier in the longer run. Be careful to check these features and check if something stands out for being specifically helpful.

Price of the Beverage warmer

Be honest with your budget! There is not an expensive layer of beverage warmer. Therefore it is possibly worth to spend a few dollars more on premium brands. To ensure that you are buying something which really works, and which will hold up for a more extended period.

Cord Length

You will never be wrong with an extra-long cord in your coffee warmer, which let you have much more convenience when it is about positioning the hot plate. It gives you comfort and convenience. Having a beverage warmer with longer cord measure means it can be plugged into the wall and you don’t need to bother when it is not reaching one of your most favorite places in the room. Imaging you can have a continuous hot coffee sitting in your terrace.

Final Verdict

If you enjoy a mug of coffee, having beverage warmer is just a way to ensure it remains toasty for a couple of minutes or hour even. The best coffee warmer is one of the things you did not know you need.

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