The trends in home decor change year by year and follow the changes in our lifestyles. It may be difficult to make a choice among the wide range of options available on the market. If you’re looking for ideas to renovate your home or bring a new, fashionable element to your project, here are a few trends for 2019.

Metal elements

This year, brass and copper elements take the spot that stainless steel and chrome once held. It’s no longer considered necessary to choose one metal to implement into the whole design. This season, mixing different metals is absolutely en vogue. You can completely change the look of your kitchen by replacing the current cabinet pulls with a more decorative metal option. Combine them with a new faucet and some metal decorations to further enhance the effect. Go for solutions which will complement each other as you want a design that’s a bit eclectic, though not entirely chaotic.

Natural materials

The contemporary look, popular for the last few years, is slowly going away. Instead, people are gravitating more and more towards more natural options. With the general rise of eco-friendly solutions and environmental awareness, a new trend is to bring nature into the house with you. Furniture and decor created with natural materials will be an amazing addition to any modern house. However, the best decorations in 2019 are plants. Big plants will become a highlight of design as a whole. If you have a wall in your house that you can spare, you might even opt to create a vertical garden.

Velvet furniture

The current trend in modern living room furniture is definitely velvet. Although it used to be considered heavy and outdated, velvet is now making a comeback as a luxurious addition to a house. It can create a unique atmosphere in a room, especially combined with wooden elements. When it comes to furniture colour trends, you can choose any colour that will complement the rest of your design, as both darker and light colours are in fashion. With popular options varying from emerald green to pastel pink, you’ll be sure to find one that’ll be perfect for your home.


The wallpapers we are familiar with from the past were bland and boring, but they have nothing to do with the ones you can currently buy. Since last year, wallpapers with bold patterns have been the biggest trend in decorating. This year, the most popular option will be floral and tropical patterns, with geometric prints right behind them. This is the trend that is most likely to stay with us for a few more years, so you can safely implement it into your home. Such strong patterns can be a little overbearing, especially in smaller rooms, but are a great way of creating accent walls.

Bold colours

After years of pastel colour trends in home decorations, it’s now time for stronger colours to get more recognition. Even though pastel pink will still be one of the main colours this year, you can find darker options to implement into your home. Dark greens and medium blues are top choices this year. You can combine them with plants and metal elements to create a unique atmosphere in a room. Make sure that you take care of proper lighting options when using darker colours, as they can make a room feel dim and gloomy. That’s why it may be a better option to opt for lighter shades if a given area doesn’t get sufficient daylight.


Geometric patterns are still as popular as ever. You can find almost any item decorated with them, so you can be sure you’ll find a suitable way to use it in your home. Starting from carpets and curtains, which can be an interesting highlight of the room, to more permanent options like wallpapers or tiles. Big patterns in bold colours are definitely one of the top trends this year. If this design is not really your thing, you may go for floral patterns which are another popular choice for the year.

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