Before we commence on this article, it is important to know all about what Asthma truly is. 

As it stands, Asthma is referred to as a lifelong and most times, chronic breathing issue. For those who are unaware, it happens due to the inflammation of a person’s in their lungs.   

Although this ailment cannot be cured, it can, however, be prevented as well as put in check. People with Asthma have sensitive or twitchy airways. They tend to react to lots of things and may wheeze or complain of tightness around their chest. 

Tips to be noted when it comes down to Asthma include:

  • Avoiding the triggers;
  • Taking all drugs as prescribed;
  • Checking your peak flow whenever the doctor tells you to do so, and;
  • Watching for signs of an attack, etc.

All we are trying to let you know is that Asthma is a very serious ailment. If not treated the right way, it could lead to death. However, if treated the right way, the patient can live a life that is healthy and very normal. 

Relationship Between Asthma and Air Filters

Those who suffer from asthma attacks will be excited to note that, if they are faced with Asthmatic symptoms, an air filter in the room can assist them in breathing adequately. If the patient lives with someone who smokes, the air filter helps also.

The fact is that secondhand smoke makes everything worse.  And, this secondhand smoke leads to congestion in kid’s nasal. Majority of the bedroom air cleaners aid in removing smoke that is in the room. 

People have asked if these air filters are capable of removing or possibly preventing asthmatic symptoms. Note that, they can remove little particles in diverse environments. 

Also, these air filters cannot eliminate invincible home dust that surrounds the pillows we use Nevertheless, it takes the air filters roughly five to fifteen minutes to clean or remove these dust and allergen sources. 

Furthermore, having carpets or what is known as wall to wall carpets brings about a huge allergen source. These cannot be eliminated by vacuuming. Also note that room air filters function in whichever room they are placed.  

Due to the fact that we can stay in our bedrooms for up to eight hours, it has to be the initial area a filter that is to be used for the air. Nonetheless, separate air filters can be kept in all the rooms in the home.

All You Need To Know About Air Filters For HVAC

In a bid to protect our health, we require pure air to breathe properly. This is where HVAC comes in. For those who are unaware, HVAC means:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation, and; 
  • Air Conditioning

What HVAC does is that it takes up all the credit just to provide a cool breeze during the summer and warmth, by winter. HVAC helps to play an important role as it provides the needed comfortable surrounding in the home.

Did you know that there are air filters for HVAC? Well, the most vital part of HVAC is the air filter. It will not only help in eliminating dust, but it also helps to remove bacteria from our surroundings. 

The products of this HVAC can hold:

  • Dust;
  • Pollutants;
  • Odor;
  • Contamination, and so much more. 

The filters for air are responsible for the filtration of unwanted particles. They utilize spun fiberglass material and sometimes, pleated cloth placed in a cardboard frame. 

To get the desired efficiency from your HVAC system or device, you must carefully select these filters for air. Should the HVAC get spoiled, replacements can be done.

 Types Of Air Filters

Air filters are of different types. And, one can purchase them in the marketplace. Some of which include:

  • Mechanical Air Filters

The mechanical Air filter makes use of a fan in forcing air through a specific screen. This screen traps particles like pollens, smoke, etc. A good mechanical Air filter must be capable of capturing roughly ninety percent of each particle that gets in. 

However, a well known con of this unit is that its fan makes noise. Although, it can be decreased when you make use of a bigger unit created for bigger rooms. 

  •  Electrical Air Filters

They make use of electrical charges in a bid to attract and even drop off irritants and allergens. Nevertheless, a disadvantage with this system is that the majority of them tend to develop little quantities of ozone.

This should be noted because ozone gets to irritate a person’s airways and leads to bronchospasm in people with the asthmatic ailment. It causes a blockage in the nasal of those suffering from hay fever. 

  • Hybrid Air Filters

These air filters composed of elements of both electrostatic and mechanical filters. 

At the end of the day, there are devices known as Ozone generators that are used in generating an increased concentration of ozone. This is to be used in clearing up the air in the room. 

Most times, people use them in decontaminating rooms as a result of smoke exposure after a fire outbreak. However, it should be avoided as it causes bronchospasm. 

How To Choose Air Filters

When you are embarking on purchasing an air filter, you should consider some tips and ask some questions.  They include: 

  • Is the air filter big?

You are to ask if the unit will be able to clean up the air in a room that can probably be the size of your bedroom. This cleaning is to be carried out within four to six minutes. Also, you may ask if it will be done at a fan speed you can tolerate as well. 

For proper size, it can be determined by the CADR of your device. This is known as the Clean Air Delivery Rate. 

  • Is it hard to clean the filter?

Another question to ask is how often you will need to change your filter especially in a home where a smoker lives. You can ask for practical steps as well. 

  • How much does it cost to operate the unit all through the year?

After discovering how much it will cost to run your air filter for a full year, you may proceed to find out the type of noise it makes.  You may also find out if you can sleep while it is on as well. Endeavor to test the product at the store before any purchase. 

Wrapping It Up

If there is an asthma patient in the home, as well as a person who smokes, air filters will assist in enhancing the asthma control. The fact remains that, air filters are needed in a bid to avoid all forms of asthmatic attack. 

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