I know that easting healthy food is not an easy job, as there are not many recipes that will give you better taste with better health. So what can you do? Surely don’t eat the yucky tasting food, here is a best thing that you can do. Try the air fryer recipes, as that can help you get the best tasting foods, while you are maintaining the health also. No doubt that it sounds impossible, but it is true. All you have to do is have some yummy recipes that you can easily cook in an air fryer. There is not much effort that you have to do when you are cooking food with the air fryer, as many models now come with timer settings that are easily adjustable.

So here I will share some of the best air fryers with you, so don’t wait anymore and get one of them for yourself at least.

1 – Airfryer Black HD9240/94

This is the original one, as this is a little bit pricey, but don’t worry as with this fryer you can get so many features that are really amazing, and you will not find them in any other kind of fryer. Not only you are able to cook very less food in this one, such as just for yourself, but you are also able to cook food for 10 people. So, now you can arrange a party for 10 of healthy foods at your home.

It comes with a LCD screen through which you can choose different features. You can choose different timer options that can help you cook foods of different kinds at any times. You can also set the timer for different intervals. You are also able to control the temperature between different intervals of cooking. You can cook different foods without using any oil at all.

2 – Viva Airfryer HD9220

It comes with in-set 60 minutes setter that can help you cook food like you can cook in a casserole easily. All you have to do is place in all the ingredients that you want to cook, and just wait until the timer goes off. It also allows you to shut the device off after the timer goes off, so the food cannot be further cooked, and the temperature slowly goes down in order to maintain the natural cooked heat in the food that will help it to keep its flavor and warmness.

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