With spring approaching and the winter about to leave, we cannot help but wonder what summer has in store for us. Summer is the perfect time to buy a portable air conditioner with Wi-Fi at Olimpia Splendid to transform the kitchen area into a paradise. What about outdoor space? The below-given products will allow you to create the perfect classy and exclusively entertaining outdoor kitchen space for your guests.

Pizza Stone (Williams Sonoma)

The classic Williams Sonoma pizza stone is effectively designed to replace the conventional brick oven’s cooking surface. The stone ensures that the heat is equally absorbed and evenly distributed in the perfect pizza. That said, this stone isn’t for pizza alone. You can use it for baking pastries, bread, and flatbreads.

Barbecue Skillet (BK Black Steel)

The black steel barbecue skillet is ideal for grilling delicate fish, such as shellfish. As the skillet is made with robust black carbon steel, it is light in weight compared to conventional casting iron. To prevent oxidation, the black steel barbecue skillet by BK has been pre-coated and pre-seasoned with a glaze wax layer.

Outdoor Kitchen Island (Indio Metal)

An outdoor kitchen island is a must-have home appliance for this summer. What is better than having all the ingredients with you during outdoor meal preparation? The Indio metal outdoor kitchen island is made of robust rust-and-corrosion-proof aluminum. The countertop of this outdoor kitchen island is made of stainless steel with plenty of space for dinnerware and ice.

Glass Lemonade Dispenser

Summers are made for lemonades and other cold beverages. This is why you need a glass beverage dispenser for your kitchen, as it is an essential outdoor kitchen gadget. Depending on the type of beverage dispenser you purchase, you can store above 2 gallons of lemonade or any other refreshing drink of your choice. Make sure to place it on a sturdy metal rack.

Three-Piece Salad Set (Nambe Harmony)

The beautiful wooden three-piece salad set by Nambe Harmonia is absolutely perfect for outdoor backyard entertainment. The acacia wooden salad bowl comes with a pair of unique yet elegantly designed tongs that guarantee easy servings. Your guest will surely be intrigued to know more about this simple, unique, and classy kitchen utensil.

Flavor Injector (OXO)

This summer will be all about grilling and having outdoor parties. To make your steak juicier and flavourful, inject it by using a marinade injector by OXO. The two needles are made of stainless steel, for a thick and thin marinade, respectively. The larger handle of the flavor injector ensures a comfortable grip while juicing up your dinner steak.

Heavy-Duty Apron (Hedley & Bennett)

While we are talking about outdoor cooking and grilling, you also require a heavy-duty apron which is quite useful while you unleash your inner chef. This heavy-duty apron is made of water-resistant wax canvas. The material ensures that your clothes remain free of splatter while you conjure up amazing meals. The pockets on each side of the apron allow you to store utensils and cooking tools.  

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