From choosing hardscapes or plants to doing maintenance chores, it can be challenging to accomplish landscaping tasks without enough know-how. Aside from wasting money, undertaking these endeavors without thinking like a professional can prove to be a waste of time and energy.

Lucky for you, experts in landscaping Midlothian, Texas are sharing some insider secrets that can make landscape designing and maintenance much easier. With these techniques and tools, you can make sure that your yard and garden tasks are performed correctly.

So, without further ado, here are seven insider secrets that can make landscaping easier to do:

  1 – Invest in a sturdy tarp

A tarp is one of the most useful tools every landscaper must have.

It can be used to move light but bulky debris like weeds, leaves, and brush. It is also useful in holding soil during a dig to ensure that the grass stays clean. You can also use a tarp to cover plants during transport when placed at the back of a truck.

  2 – Use hardscape wisely

Hardscape elements help add structure to the landscape, but not all of them are necessary. Certain types of hardscape features can cost a lot, so you must know your priorities first.

When landscaping on a budget, make sure that you prioritize projects that can provide optimum enjoyment of the landscape. Below are some important hardscape features you should remember to include in your landscape design:


Even if you have a stunning garden, fire pit, or sitting area, you will still be doing your landscape a disservice if you end up trampling on your grass frequently. This is where walkways and stone paths come in.

Walkways serve as a way for you to go around your property without having to walk all over your lawn. This makeshift path can also draw attention to the points of interest in your property.

The best part is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for a decent walkway. An attractive path can be made from simple cement, crushed stone, or even mulch.


Boulders offer a break from a monotonous yard, but they are known for much more than that – they also help make a statement in your landscape.

Just remember to choose boulders with sizes, colors, and shapes that complement the other elements in the space. This will ensure that the hardscape is both purposeful and works in harmony with the entire landscape design.

  3 – Establish curb appeal with a berm

A berm can be a flat strip or a raised bank of land that separates two areas in a yard. It can work wonders for your property’s curb appeal, not to mention it adds some style to an otherwise plain landscape.

Berms are best placed in lot corners since they can take advantage of an area that is often unused. When designed with a flower garden, the berm helps add color and texture that can help bring the property’s beauty to a whole new level.

  4 – Don’t forget the lights

Lighting is not only crucial for your home but for your yard, as well. Every attractive landscape needs excellent lighting to be appreciated, especially at night.

Illuminate your walkways and focal points. This can help ensure you and your family’s safety as you tread the path and showcase the points of interest in your property.

To do this like a pro, you can choose more sustainable options like solar-powered garden lights. Aside from being good for the environment, these can help you save on electricity costs. Installing ready-made solar lights is also much easier than traditional ones that use electric cables to work.

  5 – Choose curves over straight lines

Unless you find solace in geometric patterns, it would also be best to choose curves when designing a landscape for your property. From the walkway to the berm and garden, landscaping experts recommend curved edges to add character and appeal to the property.

This is because curved edging is often permanent and can help add appeal to your landscape all year-round.

  6 – Pick the right mulch

Mulching offers a lot of benefits for your lawn. Aside from reducing the amount of water wasted from evaporation to ensure that the plants are hydrated even with less watering, it can also provide nutrients in sandy soils.

Mulch also has an aesthetic value and can serve as an accent to your landscape. Some commercial mulch products can complement the colors of your exterior, be it stucco, brick, or stone.

However, you have to pick your mulch wisely. Those “pretty” red mulches may add a punch to your landscape design, but it was found that these products might contain harsh chemicals like arsenic that can contaminate your soil, not to mention put the health of your kids and pets at risk.

  7 – Plan for year-round appeal

A good landscape should be appealing all year-round. This means you should plan what you choose to plant to ensure that your yard retains its color, regardless of the time of year.

One way to do this is to choose evergreen shrubs. Since these retain their needles or leaves all year, you can count on constant cover and color for your property, even during winter.

Of course, you can also learn about the sequence of bloom and choose to stagger bloom times to make sure that your garden always has a color other than green.

The sequence of bloom refers to the various time periods when different landscaping plants bloom during a single growing season. Once you have this knowledge, you should be able to choose plants for your landscape so that something is flowering at all times throughout the year.

To achieve this, most gardening enthusiasts focus their attention on perennials and shrubs as these serve as the accent and “bones” of the landscape, respectively. Since perennials are smaller and more affordable, these can be used for mass plantings and even transplanting.

When choosing perennials for a landscape with a year-round appeal, you can research the different bloom times based on your area. You can break it down according to the time of year, as follows:

  • Early spring
  • Mid-spring
  • Late spring
  • Early summer
  • Mid-summer
  • Late summer
  • Fall

Implement these secrets to landscaping

Landscaping in Waxahachie, Texas is a task that can be made easier with the right knowledge. Consider implementing the secrets revealed in this article on your next landscape project to save time, money, and effort.

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